Silicate bricks – from old homes in Israel



Silicate bricks - from the holy land

Silicate bricks were extremely common in the construction of buildings from the 50s to the late-70s in Israel, especially in Tel Aviv and its environs. Regular blocks, as we know today, in fact, replaced the silicate as a base to build walls. Today the bricks returned to be fashionable, but difficult to obtain.

אבני פירוק מישראל


Selection of authentic silicate

In our company, with years of expertise in covering the walls, We became specialize in silicate. Our Silicate department holds a large selection of decomposition bricks from around the world. Recently, we pride ourselves in developing unique expertise Israeli silicate. We are constantly searching after suitable buildings facing demolition or renovation of a special process, to break the silica, leading them Lmfalino, cleaned of the bonding material and packaged so that it can be used and receive a unique antique look.


אבני פירוק מישראל


Using a variety of silicate bricks

In our factory, we cut the silicate in 2 forms, after cleanings: cutting along the narrow side, or cutting along the wide side. The strips, of 2 cm thick, especially suitable for cladding walls. Thanks to the various shades and use of grout, which comes in a wide variety of colors, you can get a large selection of exclusive appearances. In addition, you can also cut the silicate in the form of 90 degrees, to cover corners and get a look of complete brick, not just cover.

Silicate bricks use is very diverse: covering bathrooms, walls, dining rooms, background plasma TV area, except for coating walls, covering the kitchen cabinets, dining areas walls and more

The contrast between the clean white color of the stone and the antique dirty look of the cement, is irresistible.



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